From the Depths of Sunken Treasure Scuba Center

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1992 - Sunken Treasure awarded  PADI's Five Star Instructor Development Center rating.
This rating is awarded to only the top training facilities in the country and we are the only one in this area at this time. This rating was developed to combine the professionalism and qualifications of PADI Course Directors with the high caliber professionalism of a PADI Five Star Training Facility. Today Sunken Treasure is still the only instructor development center in Pennsylvania north of interstate 80.
Here a few of the people that came through our instructor program and are still in the area: Greg Delker, Bill Williams, Dawn Renee Daugherty, Robert Crane, Bill Martin, Linda Barnes, George Hiller Jr, Travis Best, Brian Hubler, Dave Jarrett, Donny Speck and James Turner.

1979 Treasure Hunt and Your Dive Gear

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Dive Blog 18/02/18...Digging back into the archives of Sunken Treasure Scuba Center we take a look at 1979 when 52 divers from 7 states competed in this areas first underwater treasure hunt.  Even today it would be a big deal as it made it into all the top diving magazines of that time.  Top prize was a trip for two to the Bahamas which was won by Mr & Mrs Donald Hener of Bloomsfield, NJ.  The furthest diver came in from Kansas.
We continued to run the event for two more years after which the Lock Haven Fire Company and Jaycees took over and it became the night dive treasure hunt at the Annual Labor Day Regatta.
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Do you own your own gear? Did you purchase it new?  Did you register the warranty?  If not it could be costing you money.  Did you know that your gear is to be serviced once a year? Actually a number of companies want it serviced within a month of the annual purchase date.
So when serviced the regulator is completely rebuilt each year so that you regulator should be like new.  The BCD gets checked for leaks and that all valves are working properly. Tanks need to be visually inspected every year and a hydrostatic tested every five years.  Making sure your gear is in warranty could save you money.

1980 Shopping Cart Races


Dive Blog 28/01/18... So the idea of this blog is to talk about diving.  I really would like to use this as a educational platform in the future and I would hope that other staff members would like to put in their two cents.  One of things I find is that people miss a lot of what is tucked away on our web site.  Back in 1980.....yeah I know that was long before some of you where even born but still it's part of STSC's history.  At that time there was a local dive club called Pine Creek Valley Diving Society and a national TV show called Real People. If your an old timer you might remember some of the local divers who participated: Steve Muthler, Eric Biliski, Bud Yost, Rich Quiggle or Paul Gower. Actually Paul lives in Harrisburg and still meets us at Dutch Springs and even comes up here to dive.  Anyhow this group had competed in what was billed as the World Underwater Shopping Cart Race and was on national TV.  We competed in Lower Bucks County against two other clubs: Nautilus Divers and Wreck Raiders.    Click here and you can read about our adventure.