Travel with Sunken Treasure Scuba Center
Bimini, Bahamas....April  2019
Key Largo, Florida....May 2019
Bonaire....October 2019

Each year we attempt to run many programs and trips. Not all things happen due to many reasons, We've posted these trips so that you know the types of things we do. If something piques you're interest let us know. Interest is the first thing that gets a trip rolling. If you're not sure whether something is happening contact the store for the details.


Hunting Sharks Teeth 2019

Each May we plan our annual planning to Big Brook which is located near the picturesque town of Freehold, NJ to collect fossils. This will be a one day trip leaving early Saturday morning. The historic Revolutionary War battlefield of Monmouth is close by. Big Brook, the stream for which the site is named, runs through the Cretaceous sediments, and fossils wash out and are found in the streambed. The water is usually about one to two feet deep, with some places where it's up to four feet deep. Big Brook is described as "local, abundant, and accessible". A variety of fossils are found here: shark teeth, snails, oysters, and belemnites (a hard part of an ancient squid) are common finds. Even arrowheads occasionally turn up. Only knee deep water this trip is open to anyone, as a matter of fact it's a great place for kids. For more information stop in or contact Rich at the Scuba Center. Normally ran 1st weekend of May.



dive boat

The island of Bimini occupies a special place in the mystic of the Bahamas. It has a history and character completely out of proportion to its size. Even icons such as Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett have called the island home at one point or another. But the island’s special charms are not just for celebrities. The beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding the island are some of the prettiest in the Caribbean. And with a modest number of hotels you are assured of secluded beaches, just steps from your room.
Bimini is famous for its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. Whether fishing, diving, or just strolling along the beaches, Bimini has something for everyone.
SCUBA Diving - Bimini is consistently listed as one of the top SCUBA diving destinations in the world.  Colorful corals and abundant fish make each dive an unforgettable adventure.
Bimini Nature Trail - Experience the island’s native plants and animals in their natural environment on 25 acres of land that is lined with informative signs detailing the flora and fauna you may encounter.
Snorkeling Excursions - Acclaimed as one of the world’s top snorkeling destinations, Bimini’s beautiful coral reefs, legendary wrecks, and crystal clear water are truly a sight to be seen.
Shark Encounters - Bimini is well-know for having a large shark population, and now you too can get up close and personal with these ocean predators.
Paddle Adventures - Bimini is home to numerous mangrove fringed lagoons, creeks, and ponds teeming with wildlife and our kayaks and paddle boards are the perfect way to experience them.
Bimini Island Boat Tours - Relax and take in the breath-taking views on one of our Island Tours, with our new 40 ft. pontoon tour boat comfortably carrying you to Bimini’s ocean landmarks.
Kids Club - Kid’s Club is a fun and educational way for young people of all ages to learn about the environment, be creative and socialize.
Bimini Beaches - Bimini Sands is located directly on the beach overlooking what many consider to be the best view on the island - the famous Bimini Color Change.
Wild Dolphins - If you want to experience dolphins in their natural state, there is no better place than here. A number of operations offer swimming with the local dolphins.
Deep Sea Fishing - This, of course, is what put Bimini on the map. Dolphin, marlin, tuna, sailfish, grouper, barracuda, and more - they're all here! Best of all, the fishing grounds are within minutes of the resort.
Sharklab Tours - Bimini is home to the world famous Bimini Biological Field Station (BBFS), known locally as the “Sharklab”.  The Station offers guided tours of its facility to anyone who is interested.

We'll be staying at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina which is located just 50 miles from Miami on the island of South Bimini in the Bahamas. The resort offers luxury accommodations, two full service deep water marinas and a spectacular oceanfront location with a lovely white sand beach just steps away from your room

We'll be diving with Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center which is adjacent to the beach and freshwater pool and is a short boat ride from the island’s best dive sites, most of which lie to the south. Some of the dive sites could include the wreck of the concrete ship Sapona, Victory Reef, Road to Atlantis and Tuna Alley. They also offer night dives, shark dives, wild dolphin and stingray encounters. The marine life surrounding the island is amazing, including spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, abundant fish and much, much more.

Dates: April 19th - April 25th
Includes: 7 days/6 nights at the Bimini Sands, 5 - 2 tank dives with Neal Watsons, tanks & weights, tips for the boat crew, shark & dolphin encounter and estimated taxes
Diver 1395/dbl & triple occ
Non Diver 895/dbl & triple occ

Transportation: As usual we'll find the best airfare we can.  HATE TO FLY! Another option to this trip is the Bimini Superfast  cruise ship that leaves Miami and gets to Bimini in about 2 hours.

This trip is designed for the person in search of total relaxation


Dutch Springs 2019

A 47-acre lake is located off U.S. Route 22 a few miles north of Bethlehem, Penn., is about two hours from here. Dutch Springs is privately owned and has been set up primarily as a dive training facility. Average visibility in the spring-fed former quarry is around 40 feet . Water temperature at the surface is in the mid 70s F in the summer, rising from about 38 degrees when the season opens in April. You'll hit the first thermocline right around platform depth, with a drop in temperature of about 10 degrees. At minimum, divers visiting Dutch Springs should wear a properly fitting full quarter-inch/6.5mm wet suit with a hood, booties and gloves. In the cooler months, using a dry suit is a good idea

Dutch Springs has several topside amenities. Surrounded by 50 acres of grassy fields and woods, there is plenty of space for the 400 divers per day that visit on an average summer weekend. Facilities include a heated changing building with restrooms, an enclosed picnic pavilion and an air fill station. To encourage families of divers to participate, kayaks, paddle boats and aqua cycles can be rented, and camping is allowed on weekends. A mobile food stand and picnic tables are provided. Dutch Springs offers no scuba sales, rentals or instruction. To encourage families of divers to participate, kayaks, paddle boats and aqua cycles can be rented, and camping is allowed on weekends. A mobile food stand and picnic tables are provided. Dutch Springs offers no scuba sales, rentals or instruction.
Entries and exits are made from four wooden docks and a wide, pebbly beach, plus a surface platform with a ladder to simulate boat diving. Students have plenty of things to see during underwater tours: an airplane, a fire truck, several boats, all connected to the training platforms by lines to facilitate navigation, and located at a depth of 60 feet or less. Dutch Springs also supports a healthy population of fish: crappie, bass, bluegill and goldfish.
Fees are $36 for divers and $24 for non-divers on summer weekends. Season and group passes are available. For more information call (610) 759-2270 or visit To get your waiver ahead of time click here
We generally go each year in July & October


Shore Tour

The main objective of this dive trip is to explore marine environments that we normally do not encounter diving inland rivers and quarries. We will accomplish this by diving from the beaches and in the estuaries of New Jersey.
Estuaries create a unique environment for both sea life and divers. They form where fresh river water meets and mixes with ocean water. Marine productivity is usually high due to tidal fluctuations, strong currents, a large influx of nutrients and strong sun light penetration. These factors crate a rich and variable environment that contains a verity of organisms that have a large number of niches. They also support a tremendous number of marine organisms to the extent that estuaries typically contain the highest mass of living matter per unit area than any other marine community.
This trip was led by James and a Divemaster from Divers II in NJ.  Dates: 9/26 - 9/28. If your interested in this trip contact Rich or James at Sunken Treasure Scuba Center, NOW!! 


Gold - Gold - Gold 2019

Come After Maine's Swift River Gold
Somewhere in the mountains of southwestern Maine in Oxford county, there exists a ''mother lode'' of gold beyond the wildest dreams of any prospector. Pure conjecture? Not at all, that statement is based on solid fact and research.
For 50 years, concentrated efforts have been made by professional geologists to find the source of gold in Oxford county's brooks, lakes and ponds. The precious metal, along with some occasional platinum, is found everywhere. Presently, research is continuing in the Wilson Mills area, very close to the New Hampshire border. There is very definitely gold in "Them Thar Hills", particularly in the region of Eustis. Near Byron, the Swift River and its many feeder streams have produced more gold than all of the other (known) Maine gold regions combined. Anyone who can handle a pan will find small traces of the color if he is willing to spend the time. As many as a dozen persons can be seen panning the stream on a given day during the summer months. Some search behind the upturned stones and boulders where small nuggets sometimes collect. Fly fishermen will often set aside the rod and search for gold.
Trappers have been finding a small amount of gold in the Swift River almost since the area was opened to settlement. An approximate estimate of $7,000 of the yellow stuff was taken from among a jumbled pile of rocks at a bend of the river.
Perley Whitney took several thousand dollars worth over a period of years from one of the branches. Two Boston vacationers panned almost $500 in two week's time from one of the small brooks that flow into the Swift.
Commercial interest in the possibilities of a major strike in Maine are on the increase. The search for the world's most sought after commodity has been on the upswing in Maine for the past several years. Beginners will continue to have a ball searching for it in the streams and ponds of remote Oxford county. Superb trout fishing, gorgeous scenery and excellent camping facilities make this a natural for an entire family.
Maine has no rattlesnakes, but its black flies are the most savage on this planet.
They have been lunching on out-of-staters for almost 100 years. Do not attempt a gold panning venture before the first of August unless well supplied with sprays and netting for the entire party. Remember that you are in a region that even prominent scientists believe harbors a fabulous mother lode. There is nothing mythological about the gold of Maine.
After Rich made his first trip to this area back in 2002 and was hooked.  Returning a number of times since, he has found gold each and every trip.  Finally, wanting to share his experiences, he wrote the Gold Prospecting Awareness a PADI Distinctive Specialty.  It took over a year but PADI approved it as the first specialty ever to be allowed to use surface supplied air.
The Gold Prospecting Awareness Specialty course is intended to serve as a safe and supervised introduction to diving for gold.  The Gold Prospecting Awareness Specialty course is designed to familiarize you with the skills, knowledge, planning, procedures, techniques, hazards, conservation and enjoyment of Gold Prospecting.
In August, each year Sunken Treasure plans to take a group of only six divers to this area in search of the elusive metal. We plan to leave early Thursday evening and return late Sunday.  Trip Includes:  indoor and outdoor classroom work in PA & ME, learning how to pan, use of a sluice box and how to operate a dredge & hookah system, 2 nights at the local campground in ME, breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, lunch on Friday & Saturday and use of all prospecting equipment. Travel expenses are shared along with all gold found. A non-refundable $100.00 deposit holds your spot must be paid by May 31st. (camping is based on double occupancy) Date: 8/23-8/25, 2019.....Cost: $469


Wreck Diving the Saint Lawrence 2018

Brockville, Ontario is one of the hottest SCUBA diving destinations in Canada. Situated on the St. Lawrence river in the Thousand Islands region, it offers all the features necessary for a memorable dive holiday.
The St. Lawrence has been an important trade route from the 1700's up to the present day. The main diving attractions are the clear visibility and the many historic shipwrecks that litter the bottom of this exciting stretch of water.
In the past, dives have included the Daryaw, Gaskin, Lillie Parsons, Kings Horn, America and the Keystorm. 
Most divers plan to leave on Thursday afternoon around 3:00pm and return late on Sunday. Diving takes place with ABUCS Scuba Charters and is limited to Advanced Divers Only.

Projected cost at this time is $429 plus gst tax and includes the following: Lodging on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 3 air fills, a Friday beach dive, Saturday 4 boat dives including one tank rental, Sunday 2 boat dives, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. A single diver $589 Non Diver $299.00
A passport is required for this trip. For additional information contact Rich at the scuba center.


Bonaire 2019

Experience Bonaire and Buddy Dive Resort. An unhurried, unspoiled natural paradise offering spectacular sunsets, gentle breezes and crystal clear, turquoise waters.
Buddy's is a resort where you can DIVE DIVE DIVE, take part in a multitude of activities or just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

At Buddy Dive, they are known for our casual atmosphere, personable staff, spacious accommodations and a dive operation that has it all: comfortable boats, complete rental and retail center, exceptional staff, and a unique "Drive Thru" with a two-lane air/nitrox fill station.
No matter which apartment you are staying in, you're never further than a giant stride away from their popular and lively house reef which is perfect for diving and snorkeling, day and night.
Climb into the rental truck you receive automatically with your Drive & Dive Package, and take advantage of the 60 dive sites, accessible from the shore line of Bonaire or tour the island with a guide on one of many excursions available to you through the Activity Center.
On average, Bonaire's visibility exceeds 100 feet and average water temperature is 80 degrees. The fringing reef begins close to the shore, usually a short 30 foot swim or less, making Bonaire world renowned for its ease of shore diving.

2019 Package includes:

  • 8 days - 7 nights in a fully equipped apartment October 19 - October 26, 2019

  • 7 day rental vehicle/apartment (double cabin pick-up truck or van w/manual transmission) Car insurance not included

  • 6 days of unlimited nitrox fills for nitrox certified divers

  • American style breakfast buffet included daily

  • 50% food discount (max $ 75 pp/pw)

  • Welcome Drink & Manager's Rum Punch Party

  • Airport transfers and baggage tips included

  • Marine Tag ($45.00 cash) are not included

  • Prices are per-person based on double occupancy we would make every attempt to get you a room mate if needed

  • Cost $930.00/Diver

 Call Rich at STSC for more information


Niagara River Drift Dive 2019

We usually drift dive the Niagara River every September. Yes, it’s the same river that eventually spills over the falls; and no, you won’t go over the falls. While the current is swift, it's a safe two to three miles per hour. The trick to survival is keeping your eyes on what's in front of you to prevent collisions with rocks that seem to spring up quickly at times. Dives last 60 - 90 minutes (depending on the speed of the current) at a depth of 20 to 30 feet. The visibility is surprisingly good and there’s lots of large freshwater fish to see including bass, walleye, lake trout, the occasional salmon a rare musky and perch.

Experience the thrill of flying underwater down the mighty Niagara River!

Niagara River Drift Dive........(Advanced Certification is required or taking Drift Diver Specialty)


Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is much more than seductive, white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. This hot new destination is a swinging town with an upbeat tempo, an eclectic combination of amazing Mayan culture and tourists from all over the world.
Hotel.....Located in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, Paraiso Azul's Casa De Gopala is a small hotel that for years has been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world seeking clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced accommodations. Many of our guests are repeat visitors that first stayed with us years ago, well before Playa evolved into the popular tourist destination of today.
Once you step from the city street, pass through our large wooden portals and enter into our private walled jungle, you will immediately sense that special feeling and atmosphere that only time can bestow.
If you are looking to step back in time to experience some of the authentic "Old Playa" while enjoying the excitement and vitality of the "New Playa - WELCOME TO THE CASA DE GOPALA, THE JEWEL OF OLD PLAYA!-
Rooms are very spacious, unusually bright and airy, with high ceilings and large arched windows. Each room has a private bath and is furnished with either two matrimonial beds or one queen bed. A terrace area outside each room, furnished with table and chairs, is almost like having another room and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cold one from your refrigerator or a morning coffee. Room amenities include: •Ceiling fan •Security box •Refrigerator •Air conditioning •Alarm clock / radio •Cable TV •terrace with table & chairs •wireless internet. There are also 2 STUDIO SUITES & 1 MASTER SUITE that you can upgrade to if available.
Diving - Sink, breath and smile. You will enjoy diving on colorful reefs and wrecks teeming with fish. With Yucatek Divers you will never feel crowded or hurried. We specialize in small groups and offer diving the way you like it. Our PADI Divemasters are knowledgeable about the reefs and aquatic life to be sure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Discover the Mayan Mysteries...The largest underground river system in the world, the "d'zenots" in Maya, "cenotes" in Spanish, is the main attraction for scuba divers visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Centuries ago, rain water on its way to the Caribbean Sea formed cavities in the limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula by hollowing out caves, creating fantastic formations. When parts of the caves grew too large, their ceiling collapsed and cenotes and sinkholes were formed. The cenotes, which are distributed in the jungle like pearls, are the doors to an incredible underwater world, providing the best cave and cavern diving imaginable. With water as clear as air the visibility is unbelievable as the diver glides through a color-filled fantasy world. The gentle current and mild water temperature (about 75º F / 24º C) create a perfect underwater environment for divers of all experience levels which offers endless opportunities for spectacular underwater photography.
Local Activities...Worthwhile excursions include trips to the Maya archaeological sites of Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba. Easy-to-reach attractions include Tres Rios, Xcaret, Xel-Ha, the caves and caverns of Aktun Chen, Chaak Tun and Kantun Chi as well as numerous cenotes. Tours to the Maya sites and other attractions along the coast leave daily from Playa. Join an eco-adventure tour to Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve with opportunities of birding and observing wildlife or explore the jungle with an ATV. Ask us for more information any upgrades or add-ons.

Divers package includes: 7 nights accommodations, breakfast each morning, 3 days of ocean dives, 2 days of cenote diving, day trip to a Maya archaeological site & tips for the dives listed above. Cost $1049 dbl - $1399 sgl 
Non Divers package includes: 7 nights accommodations, breakfast each morning, day trip to a Maya archaeological site. Cost $549 dbl - $849 sgl

Other options include: Night dive if we have 6 divers $65/diver (includes tip), cavern or cave dives if certified. More or less ocean/cenote dives and technical training.
Airfare is not included in package however at last check it was $320
This Trip sells out very fast.


Florida Trips each February

We plan to fly out of Philadelphia and arrive in Orlando early Thursday afternoon where we’ll drive up to Crystal River and spend Thursday & Friday evening. On Friday we’ll swim with the Manatee’s in the morning and then travel up to Rainbow River to do some fantastic fresh water drift diving and/or snorkeling. On Saturday we’ll spend the day diving Ginnie Springs. After the last dive we’ll head back to Orlando where we’ll have dinner. Sunday is spent at Epcot or Universal Studios. Our flight will return home on Monday This trip also offers the opportunity to take a Cavern or Intro to Cave Course. (call for details)

Average Cost includes: Tanks, Weights, Air Fills, Hotels - Car Rental - Snorkel with the Manatee's & Diving Rainbow River and Ginnie Springs - Extra Day at Universal Studios. $795/person/dbl.

Each year the group has a Great Time So Don't Miss Out


Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime in the Bahamas

Looking for a vacation getaway? Why not travel with us to the Bahamas for a long weekend to Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean, in April. It is conveniently isolated on the southwest end of New Providence Island (Nassau) Bahamas. YOU can enjoy lounging on the beach, shopping, snorkeling, sightseeing, golf, casinos, tennis, walks on the beach or just plain relaxing in the warm climate. SCUBA divers and snorkeler's can experience Walls, Reefs, Wrecks, Sharks, and out island "Wilderness Safari's". Dive South Ocean offers divers a state of the art facility including custom dive boats, "Fin Photo", a full service underwater photo and video center, and advanced diving opportunities including enriched air (Nitrox). For the adventurer in you, they also offer several Extreme Adventures including the Shark Adventure™ ($150 if paid when making reservation) and Wall Flying™ Adventure! Some other options we can do based on enough people is a night dive if we get 6 people or anyone can add afternoon dives if you want to dive all day. Stuart Cove’s Dive South Ocean "Has It All". We’ll be staying at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. This renovated beach front resort boasts rooms with large private balcony or patio where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, lush gardens, or waterscape, with three freshwater pools with flowing waterfalls, oversized whirlpools, and a swim-up bar, there will be plenty to do after the diving for everyone including non-divers. This is a great trip for both divers and non-divers alike.

Last Trip:
Diver/dbl occ - $1210 or single is $1965 or Non Diver/dbl occ - $755 or single $1485


Tips for Planning a Dive Vacation

Do I need a passport? Don't Wait...Get your passport now!
One of the great joys and benefits of scuba diving is the opportunity for travel. Every diver has a "dream" dive destination that he hopes to visit someday. Wherever your ideal dive destination is, this will help make getting there a little easier.
Use your dive instructor or other divers as sources for information. You can learn things about an operation or destination that publications or agents might not tell you.
Read as much information about your destination as possible. Be sure to read the most current information, resorts change ownership and methods of operation. To avoid getting old information, read publications written or updated within the last 12 months.
Decide what type of diving you are looking for on your vacation. Dive resorts can offer a wide range of activities to please novice and experienced divers alike. In addition to doing independent research, seek out the advice of dive travel experts. Dive travel specialists can provide very good insights about your chosen destination or a particular operation.
Plan your dive vacation as early as possible, One travel expert suggests that you start planning as early as one month in advance for every $100.00 you plan on spending.

Why do I have to put up a deposit? The deposit serves two purposes. First of all, your deposits go immediately to pay the deposit on the boat or hotel. We try not to ask for a higher deposit than is necessary to hold the reservations. The second reason for a deposit is to be sure that people who say they are going to join the trip actually do. Unfortunately, people often intend to join a trip but at the last minute back out unless they have a financial obligation. It's only fair to the people who organize trips and to the people who were unable to go because it was sold out that those people who said they were going actually show up! A deposit helps to insure this.

How soon do I need to give you a deposit? As soon as you RSVP for the trip. We will hold your verbal reservation for 7 days to give the deposit time to arrive, but after that if the deposit doesn't show up, your spot is up for grabs. Our goal is to fill the trips, so we cannot turn people away if the trip is not truly full. Until your deposit arrives, your spot is not confirmed! Once your deposit arrives, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

I gave a deposit but now I can't go. What do I do? In this case, the obligation to find a replacement is yours . We will make every effort to help by contacting anyone that may have been on the standby list and putting out the word of the vacancy. Ultimately, however, the responsibility to fill the spot is yours. If the spot is filled, we will gladly return your deposit...and tell you what a great trip you missed when we get back! ;-) If we cannot fill your spot, or we have to significantly discount the spot at the last minute to sell it, you will not get your deposit back, or you may only get part of it back. I'm sorry that it has to be that way, but that is the way a deposit works. You place a deposit to hold a spot on the trip, and that deposit prevents another person from taking your spot. If you decide you don't want the spot, we are in a "bind" to fill it. The best way to be sure you will get your deposit back is to find someone to take your spot .

Ready to Go?
Well here are some General Rules:
Be flexible
Mark Your Scuba Gear
Don't forget prescription medications
Don't over pack, you have weight limits
Don't take unnecessary valuables with you
Put your essential gear in your carry on luggage
Buy Dive Insurance and/or travel insurance. We recommend Dive Assure.