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11/9 - Enriched Air Nitrox course - meets at STSC - 6:30pm must register by 11/1
11/14 - 11/16 - DEMA Show
12/7 - STSC’s Annual Christmas Party/Open House - 6:30pm
12/26 - STSC goes to winter hours
January  1, 2019 - New Years Day Dive - 11:00am
February 7-11, 2019 Swim with the Manatees
April 20-27, 2019 Bimini, Bahamas
May 10-13, 2019 Dive Key Largo, FL

Sunken Treasure’s Annual Christmas Party/Open House

open house.jpg

So as 2018 is coming to an end we sure hope you can find the time if only to stop in for 15 minutes or so at Sunken Treasure’s Annual Christmas Party/Open House on December7th starting at 6:30pm. This year due to the weather there are some divers we didn’t see nearly enough and the newly certified divers are looking to meet some of you. So why not come out and share some stories about dive seasons past and those to come with a gathering of friends in the present. So grab a friend and dive into STSC’s last gathering of 2018.

Final Results of STSC’s Annual U/W Pumpkin Carving Contest

October came and went however the fun will stick in some competitors heads forever. On October under what we would call not so favorable conditions the divers entered the waters of the Susquehanna River at the dive site known as Jay Street. Poor visibility, cold water and current where the items divers contended with outside of how do you get a pumpkin underwater to carve. Not only did some divers have their own fan clubs above water on the shore, this year we left the voting up to the people on Facebook. That turned out quit interesting as we had over a hundred people vote for their favorite. The voting was close and in the end the difference between 3rd & 4th place was just one vote.


So the photo on the left was the contestants with the their finished carvings while the one on the right are the winners. Winners left to right are 2nd place Brandon Tarr, 1st place Adam Fay and 3rd place Christine Tamburri



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