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First Friday is this week which is coffee night at Sunken Treasure.  Just to mess with everyone May 15th starts our summer hours which means we'll now be open M&F 12:00-9:00  T&T10:00-5:00 and Sat 9:30-1:00 until Sept !st. We just got back from Key Largo where we dove a number of reefs, at the Christ of the Abyss statue, a couple of wrecks including the Spiegel Grove.  Next major trip is in October to Bonaire and we have only one space left for a female diver. A change to our summer schedule is our July 20th cleanup was moved to July 27.

Wet Suit vs Dry Suit

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Are you tired of diving and getting cold?  How would you like to extend the length of your dives or even the diving season? Ever considered a owning dry suit?  Well, Wednesday May 15 Frank Copren the  northeast representative for OS Systems since 1991 will be at Sunken Treasure to discuss their dry suits.  Think you might be interested, he'll even measure you to determine if a stock or custom suit is best for you. We'll have special pricing that will be good for 90 days if you attend the program.  So RSVP us and stop in on Wednesday, May 15th at 6:30pm
Here are 6 reasons to own a dry suit from the SDI/TDI blog written by Jim Lapenta

1. Warmth. This is probably the most important reason to decide to dive dry. You know that neither a wetsuit nor dry suit actually keeps you warm. What they do is slow the amount of heat loss. Wet suits do this using a layer of neoprene and a thin layer of water trapped between that and the skin. Dry suits use air and a combination of undergarments. No water to take heat away if a seal is lost and allowed to flush through the suit. With drysuits you can add layers of insulation to slow the loss of body heat.
2. Buoyancy. Wetsuits compress with depth and lose some of their inherent buoyancy. Dry suits allow the diver to add air and compensate for the increased pressure at depth. As the wetsuit compresses, it gets thinner and loses insulating capacity. The dry suit does not.
3. Weighting. Once a diver has become proficient with a dry suit, over-weighting is not as much of a concern as it is with a wetsuit. As a wetsuit loses buoyancy at depth, a diver can become seriously over weighted due to suit compression. With a dry suit, the amount of buoyancy the suit offers stays more or less constant since the diver has the means to adjust for the increased/decreased pressure.
4. Varying conditions. A large benefit of a dry suit is the ability to use the suit in various conditions. A wetsuit does not offer the flexibility of a dry suit to add or subtract undergarments to suit the water/surface conditions. Many divers use their dry suit year round, from warm water locations to under the ice in winter.
5. Purchase cost. At one time dry suits were prohibitively expensive for the average diver. One could purchase several wetsuits for the cost of one dry suit. They often had to if diving in a wide range of water temperatures! With the introduction of new materials and manufacturing competition, a quality entry level dry suit can be had for roughly the same price as a higher end wetsuit. By varying the undergarments the diver can also avoid having to buy several different thicknesses of wetsuits. One dry suit will work in numerous environments.
6. Cost of ownership. Once a diver buys a wetsuit there is very little maintenance other than proper rinsing. Dry suits require seals to be replaced, leaks attended to, boots or socks replaced, and maybe even the zipper. These costs may be offset by the life of the suit. Dry suits, with proper care, can last 15 – 20 years or more. This is using the suit on a regular basis- say 100 dives a year. A wetsuit seeing that much use may last five years. In the long run, a drysuit may actually be less expensive. Dry suits often hold their value for resale. Used wetsuits get tossed. Used dry suits are sold to offset the cost of a new one!


We are planning our annual outing to Big Brook which is located near the picturesque town of Freehold, NJ to collect fossils this Saturday May 4th. This will be a one day trip leaving about 7am from Sunken Treasure Scuba Centerand is intended for anyone who wants to wade in knee deep water, This is a non diving trip.


The last Divers Social before dive season gets off the ground is 11:00am at Dutch Haven in Lock Haven on Sunday, May 5.  Please RSVP the scuba center by 5/4 so we have enough seats for everyone

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Bonaire....October 2019
We still have one spots left for this special fall trip.  We have a female diver looking for a roommate and a male diver also looking for a roommate.  A divers only trip, we'll guarantee you'll get all the diving you could want.  Bonaire is one of the best places we know for divers of all levels and every time we go there it seems to be only getting better.



Keep a eye on the website and Facebook for details or contact the store.  In the coming soon category along with many 6Pak/fun dives and courses scheduled we have a Free Gear Days in June, July & August. A BBQ in late August.  Customer Appreciation Day at Dutch Springs is October 6th. The U/W Pumpkin carving contest on October 13 but the big news is we'll have a program working with the Cambrian Foundation at a local dive site and we'll be looking for volunteer divers to help with this special program (stay tuned for detail or come to the store to find out more). Last years Treasure Hunt like so many things got rained out so this year to keep that from happening we're going to have a month long treasure hunt. Stay tuned for detail or come to a store social event and find out more.

Attention Scouts BSA...

Each year we work with numerous Scout groups for SCUBA BSA activity badges, SCUBA BSA merit badges and groups going to the Seabase camp however did you know that PADI offers scholarships to the Scouts, contact Rich at STSC for more information.

Completing your Scuba Certification...

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To complete your certification you must complete your open water dives. Please remember that you have only 12 months to complete open water dives or you will be required to take a scuba review (cost $39.95). As time nears you can call the store to make arrangements to do your dives. Group training dives during the summer are $35.00/dive and $45.00/dive from September 1st thru May 31st. Please call or email us about one week before the desired dates. If these dates don't work you can schedule dives by appointment. Cost is $40/dive in the summer and $50/dive in the winter. All equipment needed for these dives is included in the cost (excluding mask, snorkel fins & boots). Four Dives are required for certification which we do two dives a day. First day all divers meet at Sunken Treasure Scuba Center and return to the store on the last day. Please remember the first day we will take your photo for certification and you must bring your eRDP & log book.

What’s Happening ….

5/3  - First Friday Coffee Nite - 6:30pm
5/4 - Hunting Sharks Teeth in NJ
5/5 - Divers Social Dutch Haven - 11:00am RSVP STSC by 5/5
5/5 - Staff Dive at Jay Street - 1:00pm
5/10 - Enriched Air Nitrox course - meets at STSC - 6:30pm must register by 5/1
5/10 - 5/13 Dive Key Largo, FL
5/14 - 2019 PADI Member Forum (time & location tba)
5/15 - STSC goes to summer hours
5/18 & 5/19 - OW Dives - 12:30pm at STSC with Rich
5/18 - Adventure or Underwater Navigation Specialty Dive #1&2 at 12:30pm STSC with Greg
5/25 - Underwater Navigation Specialty Dive #3&4 at 12:30pm STSC with Greg
5/25 - Fun Dive at Jay St - 1:00pm at Jay Street
6/1 - Try Scuba at the Welch Community Pool - 8:00am - 10:00am

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