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Open Water Training Dives
Your scuba course isn't finished until you do your open water training dives.  Please remember that you have only 12 months to complete your open water dives for certification or you will be required to take a scuba review.  You'll find our training dive dates at http://www.divestsc.com/schedule-by-event#training_dives
Please call or email us about one week before the desired dates to make arrangements to do your dives. Group training dives during the summer are $35.00/dive and $45.00/dive from September 1st thru May 31st.  If these dates don't work you can schedule dives by appointment. Cost is then $40/dive in the summer and $50/dive in the winter.  Four Dives are required for certification which we do two dives a day.  The first day all divers meet at Sunken Treasure Scuba Center to pickup and transport all needed dive gear to complete your dives.

Hey It Happens....
Just a heads up, things get canceled.  We try and setup things, throw it out there and if we get no response at some point we have to cancel.  Things we plan are different then one or two people getting together and deciding to go somewhere. 
A lot of our trips have special pricing which our destinations only offer for a limited time.  I'll take full responsibility for not always setting drop dead dates which I'll try and do a better job in the future.  So our Belize trip was canceled, next years trip to Plya del Carmen is canceled because the resort closed and we don't have a new place to go as of yet, plans are now to go back to Bimini ( April 20-27) however our dive operator is at a different resort.  We are also looking at diving Key Largo next May10-13th.


Just some of the fun stuff Sunken Treasure has to offer in 2018:

7/14 - Mission Tech Day at Dutch Springs...Wanna try out the latest and greatest in rec and tech gear? STSC is one of the sponsoring dive centers
8/25 - As we realize the summer season is starting to wind down I would like to invite you to STSC's BBQ
8/26 - Sunken Treasure Scuba Center will host a U/W Treasure hunt at Jay Street. Our 1st one was in 1980
9/29 & 9/30 - We'll be drift diving the Niagara River.
10/7 - Is customer appreciation day at Dutch Springs.(Get your discount card at STSC)
10/14 - STSC’s Annual U/W Pumpkin Carving Contest
12/7 - STSC’s Annual Christmas Party/Open House

Find our complete schedule at http://www.divestsc.com/schedules/

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During the course of the year Sunken Treasure offers many programs, we even offer programs you may not hear about.  Our local staff is qualified to teach more than 35 different programs. Over the years we have found not everyone is interested in all the programs we offer therefore we generally offer programs with the most interest.  Summers are short, schedules are setup in January and sometimes we don't always have time to get the word out about additional programs we are doing.   Point is, if we are not offering a program you want ask for it. We are here for you. We love to share our knowledge. In the meantime we plan on having OTS Full Face Mask Demo's and it looks like there might be a interest in the Dive Master program so we are trying to set that up.  If your interested in that contact us.  Stay in touch with us on our web site, Facebook or stop in the store once in awhile.