Equipment Warranty 101...So what's it worth to YOU ?

Remember, in order to keep your equipment in its best operating order and keep the warranty valid, it must be serviced each and every year, even if it hasn't been used. When servicing a regulator at Sunken Treasure, we take the regulator completely apart, clean and check all parts, and replace any worn or bad parts. The regulator is then reassembled, adjusted, and tested. The gauges on your regulator are a separate item and should be returned to the manufacturer every two years for testing and recalibration. If something doesn't seem correct then it should be checked right away. A tank visual inspection do not include valve service, which should be done every 3-5 years, depending on use. BCD warranty checks include checking for leaks, over pressure relief and dump valves working OK, and cleaning and lubrication of the power inflator.
Prices for these services run from FREE to $35.00 depending on the item. The cost of parts on items not under warranty is not included.