A interesting article by Dr Thomas Powell for the SDI - TDI - ERDI blog that I thought I would share.

We have all been somewhere intending to have a wonderful dive adventure, and been faced with an unexpected visit from “that guy.” In 2013 we began discussing “that guy” and how he can frustrate even the calmest of individuals. With any sport or hobby, there are certain unwritten rules of etiquette we should all consider. The objective behind partaking in a sport such as scuba diving is to have a good time. After all, we choose to dive; we do not need it to survive.

The diver who has to have everything on site

First, divers love toys. From the day we get certified as open water divers, there is always some trinket or item that at first seems to be the most sensible purchase ever made by any human being. After a while, we end up with a bag of items that never seem to be used. Despite this, the bag grows and things rarely get tossed because.....Read More