Get in Shape

In Over Your Head !!!

 With summer just around the corner and diving season just getting started, many people haven't been doing as much during the winter as they should have been to keep themselves or their equipment in shape.

 To get your equipment back in shape is easy.  Just take it to your authorized dealer and have its yearly service done.  No, equipment is not "OK" if it hasn't been used.  As a matter of fact, diving equipment is better off used than left setting around.  It's sort of like your body and if you haven't been working on keeping that in shape you know how hard it is to do the things you use to do.  You really don't want to be in the water and out of shape with equipment that doesn't work.

 To get yourself back in shape can be easy if you just dedicate a little time every other day.  Yes we all want to look good but it does take time.  Remember the old saying you have to crawl before you can walk.  Speaking of walking this is a great way to start getting back into shape.  Only about a half an hour a day will do and if you take someone from your family this is known as quality time.  All gain, no pain.  Walking is a low-impact, aerobic workout that burns the same number of calories as running the same distance-but with much less stress on the joints and muscles.  Remember most of all, to do some stretching before you start and when you finish.