How to be a Great Buddy

Define a comfort zone - Max depth, time, activity level and water conditions should be within the comfort zone of the lesser diver.

Select compatible activities - Planned activities should be complementary, but not necessarily identical.

Build cooperation - Share responsibilities and duties so that each diver can lead and follow.

Increase awareness - To reduce stress and the likelihood of separation listen to bubbles sounds, give brief glances to the side.

Plan together - Every dive plan should include purpose, activities, direction, max depths, time, max air use, and separation procedures.

Limit the group - Buddy groups should not be more than four.

Check and double check - After your dive share experiences and any difficulties during the dive.

Learn to communicate - Know how to use hand signals and/or slates.

Stay together - Stay side by side and on the same side as much as possible.

Monitor air consumption - Dive based on the air supply of the person with the least air.