New Jersey Weekend Shore Tour 2014

(September 26th, 27th and 28th)

    The main objective of this dive trip is to explore marine environments that we normally do not encounter diving inland rivers and quarries.  We will accomplish this by diving from the beaches and in the estuaries of New Jersey.

    Estuaries create a unique environment for both sea life and divers.  They form where fresh river water meets and mixes with ocean water.  Marine productivity is usually high due to tidal fluctuations, strong currents, a large influx of nutrients and strong sun light penetration.  These factors crate a rich and variable environment that contains a verity of organisms that have a large number of niches.  They also support a tremendous number of marine organisms to the extent that estuaries typically contain the highest mass of living matter per unit area than any other marine community.  

    The United States contains around 5,850 square miles of estuarine waters.  We are lucky enough to have some on the shores of New Jersey.

Due to tides and changes in currents, our dive time is limited to Slack High Tide.  Dates are times are chosen such that we are diving during Slack High Tide in the morning and at night.  We will have ~ 40 minute window around high tide to complete the dives.  We will enter the water about 20 minutes before slack high tide.

The dives can be canceled at any time due to poor weather conditions.

    Drive to Avon-by-the-Sea (~5 hours) and check in with dive shop and hotel.
    Arrive at Divers Two at 4:00 to complete orientation and paper work.
Night Dive - estuary dive    
            Max depth 15’ to 20’    
            High Tide – 9:37 PM
    Weekend only group: Arrive at Divers Two at 4:00 to complete orientation and paper work.
    Morning Dive – Dive a wreck off the Shore or estuary    
            Max depth 15’ to 20’
            High Tide – 10:01 AM

Noon – Fossil hunting at Big Brook (30 minutes from dive shop)

    Saturday Night Dive – estuary dive     
            Max depth 15’ to 20’
            High Tide – 10:16 PM

    Morning Dive – estuary dive        
            Max depth 15’ to 20’
            High Tide – 10:40 AM
    Depart for Home

Trip Organizer’s Contact

    Name:         James S. Turner
    Cell #:         570 617 2081

Additional Dive equipment
    Dive Flag
    Chemical / Light sticks

Dive Sites
Chauncey Jerome Jr. Wreck
    Allenhurst Jetty
    Avon-by-the-Sea Shark River North Inlet
Belmar Shark River South Inlet - A Street
Belmar Shark River Back Bay - L Street
Manasquan RR Bridge

Host Dive Shop / Dive Master Guide
Divers Two Inc‎

1 Main Street, Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ 07717
(732) 776-7755