STSC's Tec Day

On Saturday, July 19th, Sunken Treasure Scuba Center is offering a chance to experience the realm of Tec Diving.  Do you know what Tec Diving is ?  Have you ever tried it? Where is diving taking you in the future? How would you like to try SideMount, doubles, sling a stage bottle or two. How about trying to run a line reel or send a SMB to the surface. Have you ever used a lift bag? This is your chance to join the STSC staff and find out what it's all about. You'll need your basic gear and we'll provide the rest.  We'll also be firing up the grill for some good food.  Tec Day will take place  at Jay Street in Lock Haven, PA.

Instructors for the day will be Conrad, Rich, Greg, Travis & Brian
Cost is 20.00 for the day and you must RSVP the Scuba Center by July 16th.


Just a fun video to watch.  Sure did catch my attention.