Gear Assembly

1…..Stand scuba tank upright with the tank valve on/off knob facing to the right and the valve-opening facing away from you.
2......Remove the dust cap from the tank valve & check the o-ring for integrity.
3…..Pick up the BCD and begin the tank-strap buckle sequence. (1-3-2)
4…..Slide the BCD over the tank with valve opening facing the BCD.
5…..Adjust height and make sure the BCD is square to the valve opening.
6…..Pull the tank-strap tight, then close the buckle half way.
7.....Get another grip on the tank-strap.  Slowly release buckle while pulling tank-strap tighter, then close the buckle half way again.
8…..Feed the tank-strap thru the last slot (4) and close buckle completely.  Check to make sure BCD is attached firmly.
9…..Pick up the regulator first stage with the large black knob (yoke screw) facing you and the primary & alternate second stage regulators to your right.  Loosen the yoke screw and remove the dust cap.  Release a small amount of air from the tank to remove any debris or moisture from the tank valve opening.
10....Place the regulator first stage over the tank valve, making sure the opening in the regulator matches up with the tank valve opening.  Finger tighten the yoke screw (make sure all hoses are in proper position to come over/under shoulders).
11...Connect the low pressure inflator hose to the inflator/deflator mechanism on the BCD.
12...SLOWLY turn on the air, first allowing the hoses to pressurize, then turn air on completely.
13...Pick up the pressure gauge and check your air pressure.
14...Test both second stage regulators by first purging, then exhaling and finally inhaling through each one.

Gear Disassembly

1…..Turn air off,  DO NOT over-tighten the tank valve.
2…..Pick-up the BC inflator/deflator mechanism. Push and hold the inflate button until no more air goes into BC.
3…...Disconnect the low-pressure inflator hose.
4…...Pick up one regulator and push the purge button to make sure there is no air remaining in the lines.
5…..Unscrew the yoke screw and remove the regulator first stage from the tank valve. DO NOT replace the tank valve cover.
6…..Dry the large, flat side of the regulator dust cap completely then replace it into the first stage with the large, flat side facing the opening of the regulator. DO NOT over-tighten the yoke screw. Lay the regulator off to the side.
7…..Remove all weights from the weight pockets of the BCD.
8…..Undo the tank-strap and remove the BC from the tank.
9…..Fasten the wide Velcro waist-band and the buckles in the front.
10…Hold the BCD on your shoulder making the area with the power inflator mechanism the lowest point. Press and hold the deflate button, allowing any water caught inside to drain from the BC.
11….Manually inflate the BC with one or two breaths and again drain ALL remaining water from BC.
12...The BCD and regulator should be rinsed with fresh water.