So each month on the web site I try to show a book that might be of interest.  Some we have in the store, others we don't but we'll tell you where you just might find it.  Hope you enjoy our choices.


Where Divers Dare:
The Hunt for the Last U-Boat

by Randall Peffer

In the tradition of Shadow Divers, this is the gripping true account of the search for German U-boat U-550, the last unfound, diveable wreck of a U-boat off the United States coast, and the battle in which it was sunk.
On April 16, 1944, the SS Pan Pennsylvania was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-550 off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. In return the sub was driven to the surface with depth charges, and then sent to the bottom of the ocean by three destroyer escorts that were guarding the naval convoy. For more than sixty years the location of the U-boat’s wreck eluded divers.
In 2012, a team found it—the last undiscovered U-boat in dive-able waters off the Eastern Seaboard ofthe United States, more than three hundred feet below the surface.
This is the story of their twenty-year quest to find this "Holy Grail" of deep-sea diving and their tenacious efforts to dive on this treacherous wreck—and of the stunning clash at sea that sealed its doom and brought the Battle of the Atlantic to America’s doorstep

Underwater Archaeology:
The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice


by Nautical Archaeology Society

Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context. Long awaited second edition of what is popularly referred to as the NAS Handbook Provides a practical guide to underwater archaeology: how to get involved, basic principles, essential techniques, project planning and execution, publishing and presenting Fully illustrated with over 100 drawings and new color graphics New chapters on geophysics, historical research, photography and video, monitoring and maintenance and conservation.

An American Immersion:   How the first woman to dive all 50 states was transformed by her quest

by Jennifer Idol


Do you long for adventure? Do you wish you could travel? Do you have big dreams? I applied rugged passion and dedication to complete a five-year journey in which I became the first woman to dive all 50 states. An American Immersion relives my journey. It shows what motivated my quest and how I transformed from a successful designer into a conservation artist to help the world around us. I overcame time and financial obstacles to illuminate our underwater resources through vivid photography. In this book, you will: - Find inspiration through curiosity - Discover hidden beauty in U.S. waters - Understand how I constructed my quest - Experience my pursuit of self-exploration leading to unexpected adventure - Learn how I overcame obstacles - Follow a path leading to unexpected outcomes.

The Scuba Diver's Guide to Underwater Video: GoPro to Professional Film-making

by Jill Heinerth


Professional underwater photographer, filmmaker, and explorer Jill Heinerth shares tips and techniques for SCUBA divers interested in shooting better underwater video. Whether experienced or starting with a GoPro, this book offers specific technical information, entertaining anecdotes, and guidance for improving your underwater filming skills. A regular video columnist for DIVER Magazine, and an award-winning underwater videographer, Jill Heinerth guides you through, and simplifies the remarkable world of underwater filmmaking.

Scuba: A Practical Guide to Advanced Training

by James Lapent


Building on his first book, "SCUBA: A Practical Guide for the New Diver", James Lapenta addresses what is most often the next step in diver training. Advanced Level or Advanced Open Water training is often taken by divers to gain additional skills and knowledge. It is also taken to allow them to gain access to more challenging dives and dive sites. These also pose a greater degree of risk to the individual. Unfortunately some advanced classes are no more than a "taste" or "tour" of advanced level dives. The divers do not get the new knowledge and skills required to safely embark on these dives. In order to safely pursue these dives James has outlined the steps to take to reduce the risk of injury and worse. From describing the dives to offering advice on the content one should expect, as well as selecting an instructor, he offers new and not so new divers guidance. Additional sections on equipment options, air supply management, dive planning, and dive selection for maximum learning potential are looked at. Also included is a section on a subject often overlooked in recreational SCUBA diving - the after-effects of a diving accident and rescue/recovery on the rescuer and witnesses to the event. Post Traumatic Stress in Recreational Dive Rescues is a real possibility and one that must be looked at when executing dives with greater risk. Safety in training and after training is the heart of this work and the driving force behind its publication. James has experienced the best in training and that which left something to be desired. He gives examples of both throughout the work. If you do not have his first book, it is highly recommended that you also acquire it as a companion to this one. While they do contain some sections of the same information, there are sections in the first book that are not included in this that are highly beneficial.

The Deep

by Michaelbrent Collings


There are places we were never meant to go...

  • A woman searching for a sister lost at sea.
  • A man bent on finding lost treasure.
  • A mother who has lost all hope.
  • A maniac who believes all life exists for his pleasure.
  • The man who would keep them all safe.

Together, they will all seek below the waves for treasures long buried, and riches beyond belief. But those treasures hide something. Something ancient, something dark. A creature that exists only to feed on those that would enter into its realm. A creature... of The Deep

Dead Men's Silver

by Hugh Edwards

The story of more than sixty years of diving adventures, through starkly contrasting locations and extraordinary advances in technology. From boyhood dreamer to master treasure hunter, Hugh Edwards documents his life through tales of shipwreck and salvage. the story of more than sixty years of diving adventures including his significant find of the Batavia, Hugh Edwards documents his life through tales of shipwreck, treasure hunting and salvage. Brought up on tales of pirates and great treasure hunters, Hugh Edwards never expected to handle 'pieces of eight' himself. But one exciting day off the West Australian coast, that is exactly what happened, when he and his team located treasure lost from the Dutch East Indiaman shipwreck the Vergulde Draeck. It was a moment of astonishment and euphoria, as there in his hand lay a piece of silver with the inscription: PHILIPPUS IIII ... REX HISPANIA ... DG - Philip IV, King of Spain, Dei Gratia (by the Grace of God). the date on the coin was 1654. Nearly fifty years later Hugh Edwards has explored shipwrecks around the world - in the Mediterranean, the Falklands, Cambodia - wherever there is treasure to be found. He has been recognised as 'primary finder' of the 1629 wreck of the Batavia and the 1727 wreck the Zeewyk. He has worked with some of the world's craziest, daring and most successful divers in some of the most beautiful or stormy places on Earth. this is the story of a lifetime of adventure - of dangerous seas, thrilling underwater locations, of pirate diplomacy and empire building, and of modern derring-do.

Shadow Divers

by Robert Kurson

shadow divers

A true tale of riveting adventure in which two weekend scuba divers risk everything to solve a great historical mystery–and make history themselves.
For John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, deep wreck diving was more than a sport. Testing themselves against treacherous currents, braving depths that induced hallucinatory effects, navigating through wreckage as perilous as a minefield, they pushed themselves to their limits and beyond, brushing against death more than once in the rusting hulks of sunken ships.
But in the fall of 1991, not even these courageous divers were prepared for what they found 230 feet below the surface, in the frigid Atlantic waters sixty miles off the coast of New Jersey: a World War II German U-boat, its ruined interior a macabre wasteland of twisted metal, tangled wires, and human bones–all buried under decades of accumulated sediment.
No identifying marks were visible on the submarine or the few artifacts brought to the surface. No historian, expert, or government had a clue as to which U-boat the men had found. In fact, the official records all agreed that there simply could not be a sunken U-boat and crew at that location.
Over the next six years, an elite team of divers embarked on a quest to solve the mystery. Some of them would not live to see its end. Chatterton and Kohler, at first bitter rivals, would be drawn into a friendship that deepened to an almost mystical sense of brotherhood with each other and with the drowned U-boat sailors–former enemies of their country. As the men’s marriages frayed under the pressure of a shared obsession, their dives grew more daring, and each realized that he was hunting more than the identities of a lost U-boat and its nameless crew.

Northeast Dive News Dive Guide

The Northeast Dive Guide features an extensive summary of the diving and dive sites in the greater Northeast. Covering from Newfoundland to Virginia and as far west as Ohio, including lakes and rivers in Ontario, the goal of the book series is to help create more awareness of local diving opportunities and promote diving and tourism to these areas.

The Dive Guide is part of a larger book series to cover all of North America and promote local diving on a national scale. The goal of the book series is to promote local diving and the local diving community by helping new divers become more active in the sport - locally, where it really matters

The first in the series of guide books covering all of North America By boat, from shore or by dive, this guide promotes the scuba diving in the greater Northeast.

· Detailed Maps to Dive Sites
· Nautical Chart and Depth Profiles
· Understanding Northeast Weather
· Important Dive Safety Considerations
· Annual Calendar of Events
· Local Dive Directory of shops and club

Diving Almanac & Book of Records

The Diving Almanac is the book every diver should own. First published in 2007 the Diving Almanac & Book of Records is the only compilation of scuba diving industry information of it’s kind.

Previous editions of the Almanac were printed, but the new 2015 Diving Almanac is now a 100% free digital download. Better yet, the publishers have made it a super simple PDF – meaning PC users, Mac users, iPad and iPhone users, and even often overlooked Android users can all download the PDF to their device of choice.

Another fantastic feature of the Almanac is the option to submit an email address and automatically be told of any new updates – which you can also download for free!

Never before has such detailed, varied and concise information been gathered into one place, then made publicly available for free. And if you have a keen eye, you’ll even spot DIVER in there too!

Download your FREE copy now!

Mystery of the Last Olympian

Well-known underwater explorer Richie Kohler (of Shadow Divers and Deep Sea Detectives) and Best Publishing Company invite you to join the expedition to unravel the Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic’s Tragic Sister Britannic.

The book gives you a firsthand account as Richie Kohler takes readers on the intriguing journey from the rise of the magnificent Olympians to the fateful day in 1916. He then moves forward in time through multiple expeditions beginning with the great Jacques Cousteau who located the ocean liner in 1975. Each successive team that risked their lives uncovered new clues, but it was not until 2009 when Richie and his dive partner definitively pinpointed the secret that had eluded them.

Finally, in July 2015, Richie and a small team attained the goal of documenting their findings that answered the century-old question as to why all the engineering solutions built into the mighty Britannic could not save her from sharing the same fate as Titanic.

Experience the expedition as Richie and his team unravel the mystery of the HMHSBritannic:

  • With damage to only one compartment, the ship should have been able to stay afloat, and yet she sank twice as quickly as did Titanic. How was that possible?
  • Was the hospital ship criminally torpedoed as the British press claimed, or did she ineptly blunder into a minefield, as the Bismarck Government countered?
  • Violet Jessop survived the sinking of Britannic and Titanic. Experience her intriguing story.

Pirate Hunters

Finding and identifying a pirate ship is the hardest thing to do under the sea. But two men—John Chatterton and John Mattera—are willing to risk everything to find the Golden Fleece, the ship of the infamous pirate Joseph Bannister. At large during the Golden Age of Piracy in the seventeenth century, Bannister should have been immortalized in the lore of the sea—his exploits more notorious than Blackbeard’s, more daring than Kidd’s. But his story, and his ship, have been lost to time. If Chatterton and Mattera succeed, they will make history—it will be just the second time ever that a pirate ship has been discovered and positively identified. Soon, however, they realize that cutting-edge technology and a willingness to lose everything aren’t enough to track down Bannister’s ship. They must travel the globe in search of historic documents and accounts of the great pirate’s exploits, face down dangerous rivals, battle the tides of nations and governments and experts. But it’s only when they learn to think and act like pirates—like Bannister—that they become able to go where no pirate hunters have gone before.

Fast-paced and filled with suspense, fascinating characters, history, and adventure, Pirate Hunters is an unputdownable story that goes deep to discover truths and souls long believed lost.